Core Values:

1: Durable

 Zero tolerance joinery on every joint in the chair to ensure the highest level of durability. Either the joints fit perfectly of the do not. I cannot rely on glue screws or nails to hold my chairs together.  I can achieve this through various methods of a joinery such as wet/dry joints, and using super dried wedges driven in through the super dried tenons. This ensures that a joint is permanently joined.  One way I can tell when a joint is perfect is through harmonics and frequency vibrations of the chairs. When a leg, arm post tenon, or spindle is perfectly fit into the seat mortise, you can “pluck” that part like a guitar string, and feel the vibrations resonate throughout every part of the chair.


2: Beautiful

 I will only make chairs of the highest design level. Every part needs to be proportional, flowing and complimentary to all other parts. It is possible to make two parts that are flawlessly designed but do not complement each other in a certain piece. This is unacceptable. When every part of the chair flows and works together there is a synergistic effect that happens which makes the chair look elegant and undeniably beautiful.


3. Comfortable

My chairs are designed to flex and conform to the human form. I am able to achieve this flexibility by working the wood in a completely different way and it all start by selecting the right tree. Most people think of oak as being a very hard and rigid material like cabinetry or flooring. White oak has an amazing property of flexibility when it is worked in a very specific manner. In order to achieve this flexibility, the parts need to be thin and light but strong, so the wood must be split from the log rather than sawn like board that you would by at the store. By splitting the wood from the log I able to keep all the fibers of the wood running the entire length of each part. Think of it as a stack of printer paper. Roll that into a subtle ice cream cone shape. This is the structure of wood where each sheet of paper is one year of growth, also known as a growth ring (fiber) of the tree. Now image trying to cut a spindle out of that with a saw. It would be very difficult due to the irregular shape of the cone and you would have many years of growth rings in that spindle. By splitting the wood, I am able to separate each layer one sheet at a time by exploiting the weak planes within the wood, thereby capturing the strength.


A note about Time.

I will not compromise and of these core values Craftsmanship takes time and it cannot be rushed. I will not rush any chair ever.  I will not move your order to the front of the queue. I understand that waiting for your piece of furniture sucks and I assure you that I am working very hard to get orders out. Anything worth having in life is always worth waiting for. Delays happen that I cannot predict. The wait will be worth it.